One of the youngest doctorate degree holders in the College of Medicine and University of Malawi

IMG_3885-(1)A doctorate degree is one of the most prestigious and the highest academic qualification to be attained. However, to do so as one of the youngest, if not the youngest, candidate in the history of the College of Medicine and University of Malawi, falls nothing short of humbling. Humbling because the attainment of such an achievement at a young age is the culmination of the trust and investment of seasoned academics with the opportunity and responsibility to make a significant contribution to the body of international scientific knowledge for the benefit and betterment of humanity.

The stage is indeed set for the accelerated development of innovative, young scientific talent with disruptive ideas that will challenge current scientific knowledge, technologies and standards of practice, and usher society into a whole new era of innovation and solutions to current problems.  It is in light of this anticipation that I believe the current record will soon be broken by the coming generations of academic protegees, of whom I hope to be a part of their academic success as others have been to mine.

Dr Mwayiwawo M Madanitsa. MBBS, PhD.