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The Dean’s Office


Dr Fanuel Lampiao

The Office of the Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research (PGD&R) provides oversight to College of Medicine (CoM) faculties, departments, centers and units in the management of all postgraduate programs and implementation of research. The CoM offers Masters  of Medicine (MMed) degree programs in various clinical medicine specialties such as Internal Medicine; Surgery; Pediatrics; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Ear, Nose and Throat; Psychiatry and Ophthalmology and also diploma and degree programs in Public Health (PGDPH and MPH). It also offers research-based masters and doctorate degree programs (MPhil and PhDs) in health-related fields in which the College of Medicine has strategic interests.  The key responsibility of the PGD&R is to ensure that postgraduate degree programmes meet the highest standards prescribed by the University of Malawi (UNIMA) Postgraduate Policy.   The PGD&R also works through the Research Support Center (RSC) Director and the College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee (CoMREC) Administrator to ensure that CoM-based research activities adhere to international standards and UNIMA Policy on Research and Consultancies.


For specific information regarding the nature of each CoM postgraduate program, aspiring students should first contact the relevant Deans of Faculties or Head of Departments or visit their websites.  Thereafter, they should submit their applications through the admissions office. For guidance on management and requirements of postgraduate programs, enrolled students should first refer to relevant postgraduate handbooks and regulations or meet their departmental postgraduate coordinators or Heads of Departments. They should also be familiar with roles and responsibilities of various CoM offices in the management of postgraduate programs. Scientists, faculty members and students should contact the RSC Director or CoMREC Administrator for guidance and support of research-related matters.