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Doctorate degree programs

The College of Medicine (CoM) offers the Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in various health related fields. These are research-focused degree programmes requiring students to develop research questions, conduct research and communicate the findings by writing theses. Thus, our PhD graduates are expected to develop in leaders in generating novel interventions or approaches to address health-related problems.

The normal duration of the 2-3years for MPhil programme and 3-4 years the PhD programmes. All research degree students are initially enrolled in the MPhil programme. Thereafter, students are permitted to convert from MPhil to PhD programme if they make excellent academic progress in the first year and their research concepts are likely to generate several scientific publications. Details for each PhD programme can be found in the CoM PhD regulations.

Applicants for MPhil and PhD degree are strongly requested to contact relevant Head of Departments at CoM before submitting their applications. This will enable the departments to vet their research ideas and make tentative arrangements for research supervision.  Departments may invite applications for specific MPhil/PhD fellowships.

MPhil/PhD applicants must possess the following degrees;

  1. Masters degree in a relevant discipline from any recognized university or;
  2. A medical degree or its equivalent, or appropriate Honours degree in the First or Upper Second Division in a relevant discipline

It is advisable that applicants must identify potential funding for tuition, living expenses and their proposed research work.

All applications must be submitted through the Admission Office at anytime. Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews. Applicants without research concepts and/or supervisors approved by Departments will not be shortlisted. Successful MPhil/PhD applicants can commence their studies in January, April, July or October every year.